My Herrick Story: Megan E. Thompson

February 13, 2024 – Herrick News
Herrick, Feinstein LLP

Megan E. Thompson | [email protected] | (412) 806-3171

What was it about Herrick that enticed you to join the firm?

If I'm being candid, my initial interaction with Herrick was as a favor to a former colleague that wanted me to entertain joining her at Herrick. I was not particularly interested in changing firms, as I was comfortable where I was, but as a courtesy to a dear friend and former colleague, I agreed to meet with some folks at Herrick. I was instantly impressed by the energy with which I was met. The people at Herrick were enthusiastic about the firm, their work, their colleagues and me. As our discussions progressed and I expressed my career goals, the Herrick team (and I really mean the entire team) responded quickly and thoughtfully with a plan. It was clear to me that Herrick was invested in me and my professional growth, which then made it easy for me to be invested in the Herrick team and the growth and success of the firm as a whole.  

What is your best advice for an attorney coming to Herrick?

My best advice is to meet your colleagues across the firm and to make connections internally as much as you spend time marketing your practice externally. As a lateral coming into the firm as an established lawyer, it is essential to meet people outside your practice group and to understand the intricacies of their work. They also need to understand your skill set and learn what you bring to the table. People at Herrick genuinely want to see everyone succeed. By marketing yourself internally, it is easier for your colleagues to identify synergies and opportunities with clients. It’s a win-win for all involved – including our clients.

What would you want people to know about Herrick and the people that make up the team?

Herrick is an exceptional mid-sized firm providing clients with a full range of legal services on par with that of larger firms. Herrick strikes the delicate balance of being large enough to provide the bench strength needed for any engagement, while being small enough that we know everyone on the team and provide high-touch service to our clients. Herrick is full of diverse people with amazing educational and experience-based backgrounds. I continue to be impressed and proud of my colleagues.

For more information on Megan Thompson, real estate law or corporate law at Herrick, please contact:

Megan E. Thompson at +1 412 806 3171 or [email protected]

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