Our Condo Building Has a Huge Roof. Why Aren’t More People Allowed on It?

February 10, 2024 – Media Mention
The New York Times

Herrick partner, Bruce Cholst, was quoted in The New York Times "Ask Real Estate" column with a question from a reader about the use of their condominium's roof capacity. The Times notes that, "For a rooftop lounge or patio to be legal, it must be listed on the building’s certificate of occupancy, along with the purpose of the space, the maximum number of people allowed and load limits."

The article adds, "It’s possible that the listed limits in your offering plans are indeed lower than what city code allows. Perhaps the board, years ago, wanted to keep activity and noise on the roof to a minimum, or avoid the costs associated with the city’s place of assembly requirements."

Bruce comments, "The board has a right to be restrictive."

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