NEREJ/NYREJ Podcast: Interview with Jonathan Adelsberg

November 13, 2023 – Podcast

In this episode of the NEREJ/NYREJ Podcast, host Rick Kaplan spoke with Jonathan Adelsberg, co-chair of Herrick's Real Estate Department and chair of Commercial Leasing, about his practice, where he sees New York real estate heading, the office and retail markets, affordable housing in New York and what makes Herrick so unique. In this conversation, Jonathan discussed his experience with a range of complex real estate transactions, including sales, acquisitions, developments, financing, restructuring, leases, joint ventures and construction.

Through Jonathan's work with Herrick’s commercial leasing practice, he advises tenants and landlords in office and retail leases throughout the United States and alongside international retailers. Additionally, Jonathan serves as an advisor for many prominent New York City real estate families, assisting with an arrange of legal matters, including succession planning, wealth and legacy preservation, conflict resolution and the division of family empires.

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