Can the board of my co-op building keep their identities anonymous?

January 22, 2024 – Media Mention
Brick Underground

Herrick partner, Andrew Freedland, was quoted in an article from Brick Underground discussing how a shareholder can learn the make-up of a co-op board when the management company refuses to release the names and contact information of the board members.

The article states, "You should contact your management company and ask for a list of your board members. Or you can request the minutes of your building’s most recent annual shareholder meeting, which would list who was elected to the board, says Andrew Freedland, partner at the law firm Herrick."

Andrew continues, "I would go back to management and say, ‘board members are the elected individuals of the co-op, and I have a right to know who they are. Please furnish me with their names.' If management refuses, say that you would like to come down to the office and see the most recent annual shareholder meeting minutes."

And continues, "Unfortunately, boards aren’t technically required to have a clear cut way to contact them under the Business Corporation Law, Freedland says. But once you find out your board president’s name, you can do some digging online or send them a letter through the mail."

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