New York Employment Law Update: Election Leave Reminder

October 2019

As many employers know, Tuesday, November 5, 2019 is Election Day in New York and employees are entitled to paid time off to vote. This past spring, New York updated its election leave law to provide employees with three hours of paid leave to vote at the beginning or end of their shift (which may be designated by the employer). Employees who wish to use such paid leave must provide employers with at least two (2) days’ advance notice.

In years past, the law only allowed for two hours of paid leave, and this accommodation was only available if the employee did not have sufficient time before or after their shift to vote. Now, employees may elect to take paid leave regardless of whether they have time before or after their shift to vote.

In addition, if employers have not already posted the mandatory Election Law Notice, it should be posted as soon as possible in the same area as all other workplace postings.

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