3 Tips For Setting Realistic Salary Ranges

November 16, 2022 – Media Mention
Law360 Employment Authority

Carol Goodman, co-chair of Herrick's Litigation Department and chair of the firm's Employment Practice, spoke to Law360 Employment Authority about New York City's pay transparency law that went into effect on November 1, 2022. Carol shared recommendations for employers striving to comply with the new law and must ensure that the salary ranges that they include in job postings are genuine. 

Carol noted, "Any given job, like analyst or paralegal, may have a wide pay band because of differences in seniority." She added, "Employers should evaluate those roles and break them down to create a database of pay ranges. That will make the compensation setting process smoother."

Carol suggested, "Another way to help narrow the range is to add qualifiers that explain that the actual salary will depend on factors such as geographic location, seniority, or the individual's experience."

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