I joined Herrick in March of 2007. What I immediately liked about the firm was the friendly and supportive environment. I truly enjoy working with such dedicated and hard-working people and am proud to work for a company that appreciates and cares for its employees and is devoted to its clients.

Carolyn CestaroNew York

I joined the Herrick family in 2005. One of the first things I noticed was the buzzing energy of the firm, and an environment where people genuinely enjoyed themselves and their work. What I’ve come to appreciate the most however is the many opportunities for growth I’ve found by working alongside colleagues who enjoy sharing their knowledge with me.

Annabella CruzNew York

I have been a member of the Herrick family since 2007. I work with an excellent team in the IT department and have learned so much here. Herrick cares for their employees and is dedicated to ensuring its lawyers are using the latest technology.

Anthony HansenNew York

I have been a proud member of our administration team since 2008. I was very excited when the opportunity to join Herrick arose. I have over 25 years of law firm experience, but I'm always learning something new at the firm. We're always striving to provide excellent service, in addition to maintaining a happy staff.

Lisa Marie JuceamNewark

Herrick has been my second home since 1999 – a place where I’m able to work closely with excellent lawyers in a diverse range of practice areas. I’ve been at the firm a long time, but I’m constantly learning and growing as a professional, and that keeps me engaged. I’m also proud to be part of an administrative team that really cares about our work, and each other.  

David SmallNew York