Participants in Foreign Proceedings – Seeking Discovery from U.S.-based Entities

Represent participants in foreign proceedings that are seeking discovery from U.S.-based entities pursuant to 28 U.S.C. section 1782 for use in the foreign proceedings.

ICG Global Loan Fund 1 DAC, et al. v. Boardriders, Inc., et al. (NY Sup. Ct.)

Co-counsel to group of minority lenders challenging non-pro rata priming transaction entered into between borrower, majority lenders, and equity sponsor. The legal issues being litigated here (i.e., whether a private roll-up debt exchange qualifies as an “open market” purchase and good faith and fair dealing requirements) are hot items garnering significant attention in the market. This matter is ongoing.

Global Logistics Company – Achieved Summary Judgment in Shareholder Dispute

Obtained both initial appellate and summary judgment victories in favor of shareholders of global logistics company, and in defense of oppression and related claims. The case is Estate of Stile v. C-Air Customhouse Brokers-Forwarders, Inc. et al. (N.Y. Sup. Ct.), and is currently pending subsequent appeal.