Rezoning Plan for Fur District Leaves Hoteliers Out in the Cold

April 2011

A new rezoning plan for a small portion of the former Fur District (West 28th through West 30th Streets, at 7th and 8th Avenues) shows, once again, that New York City seeks to regulate larger hotel uses.

This rezoning will restrict hotels with more than 100 rooms for the foreseeable future, and until certain "residential goals" are met for the area. City Planning reports that the new rule is meant to prevent new hotels from interfering with the planning objective of establishing a "vibrant mixed-use district with a meaningful residential presence." Hotels with less than 100 rooms would be allowed as of right, and larger hotels would be allowed with a Special Permit, however Special Permits typically involve a two-year public review process and are often unpredictable.

Similar to the proposed rezoning of Hudson Square and the new plan for Tribeca, which we reported on last month, this new zoning aims to control new hotels in manufacturing zoned areas. These areas were formerly available for hotel developments on a fully as-of-right basis.

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