New York Board of Regents Adopts New Rules Regarding Deaccessioning of Artworks

August 2011Art & Advocacy

New rules for the deaccessioning of artwork by museums and historical societies chartered by the New York Board of Regents went into effect on June 8, 2011. Pursuant to a new amendment to § 3.27 of the Rule of the Board of Regents, such institution may deaccession an item from its collection, consistent with its mission statement and collections management policy, where the item:

  1. is inconsistent with the mission of the institution; has failed to retain its identity;
  2. is redundant;
  3. has preservation/conservation needs beyond the institution’s capacity;
  4. is deaccessioned to refine the collection;
  5. is inauthentic;
  6. is being repatriated or returned to its rightful owner;
  7. is being returned to a donor whose donor restrictions can no longer be met;
  8. presents a hazard to people or other collection items; and/or has been lost or stolen.

Institutions must include in their annual reports a list of all items deaccessioned in the past year and all items disposed of in the past year.