Coronavirus Business Essentials Checklist

March 5, 2020

Every business must take extraordinary measures to protect its employees from the spread of this apparently highly contagious virus. Where do you begin? Here is a checklist of six initial steps which your business should consider. We have organized a task force of attorneys who are available to help in developing your internal action plan, as well as in dealing with disruptions to normal business operations and keeping your stakeholders informed about new developments.

C – CDC: Carefully review the CDC Business Guidances ( Have a central point of contact in the office for providing direction and making decisions. Set up an intranet page with information.

O – Office Policies: Review policies concerning sick leave; absence from the office; and personnel who should remain home.

R – Remote Work: Test capacity for personnel to work remotely. Provide equipment to personnel so they can work offsite if necessary.

O – Offices: Make sure that offices are cleaned properly, and adequately stocked with supplies (e.g., sanitizers). Prepare policies concerning office etiquette and visitors to the office.

N – Non-essential Travel: Consider limiting or cancelling non-essential travel, especially to affected areas.

A – Activities: Consider limiting or cancelling meetings or events, including office conferences.

For more information contact:

Carol Goodman at +1 212 592 1465 or [email protected]
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