How Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Ensures Firm Innovation and Growth

March 21, 2022 – Episode 23
Herrick Does That

Partner Liliana Chang spoke to George Wolf, Jr., Managing Director, Professional Services, Aon Risk Services, to expand upon their recent article discussing the “culture of caring” and how law firms' long-term sustainability depends on diversity, equity and inclusion. In this podcast, Liliana and George discuss Liliana’s path to partnership at Herrick, her philosophy on how mentoring future firm leaders allows firms to thrive culturally and the importance of developing authentic mentoring relationships to provide a support system to young lawyers. Liliana and George also address how diversity of thought drives innovation and how creating diverse teams best serves clients. They emphasize the importance of addressing diversity at the law firm management level to focus on the needs of all employees to ensure firm growth.

Additionally, Liliana shared her experiences of DE&I in the workplace with Aon's Professional Services Practice in an conversation found here.

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