A Conversation with the Citizens Budget Commission on Improving New York City’s Land Use Process

September 21, 2022 – Episode 30
Herrick Does That

Mitch Korbey, chair of Herrick’s Land Use and Zoning Group, sat down with Sean Campion, Director of Housing and Economic Development Studies for the Citizens Budget Commission to discuss CBC’s September 2022 report and how the City of New York can revamp and redesign the land use review process in New York City to encourage development, streamline the process and work with local communities. New York is one of seven states that mandates environmental review for discretionary land use actions. It has the longest median timeline for approvals among cities that have similar requirements, according to the report. The Citizens Budget Commission is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization devoted to influencing constructive change in the finances and services of New York State and New York City governments.