Unintended Consequences: Advocates Concerned State Housing Bill Could Hurt Industrial Business Zones

March 29, 2021 – Media Mention

Mitchell Korbey, chair of the Land Use & Zoning Group at Herrick, spoke to Bklyner about the "Housing Our Neighbors with Dignity Act" saying that he thought the "proposal by state lawmakers to increase the city's affordable housing stock, was broadly "a very good idea," and believes some areas currently zoned for industry, like the Meatpacking District in Manhattan, would better serve the city if they were rezoned for other uses."

The article also states that Mitch said, "the city and state need to ensure that any new housing in industrial areas does not pose public health risks, and that residents have access to schools, transit, groceries and other essentials."

Mitch added, "Is it good land use planning to locate residential uses in areas that might have poor access to things people need?" he asked. "There are areas where this kind of policy is completely appropriate. But we ought not to be doing one-off spot-zone conversations without careful thought."

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