The Cooperator: Neighbor Noise – When Enough is Too Much

March 10, 2021 – Media Mention
The Cooperator Chicagoland

Herrick litigation partner, Deborah Koplovitz, was quoted in an article from The Cooperator Chicagoland, discussing noise and the realities of living in an apartment. 

Deborah stated that "With noise issues, we get into the world of subjectivity. One person may tolerate a concert pianist practicing the same phrase over and over all day, but for someone else, that may drive them bonkers." The article continues saying, the sound of people walking on the floor above you "is normal," Deborah stresses, "but someone may perceive it as something other than that and say it’s intentional. Minds can get lost."

Read the full piece in The Cooperator Chicagoland here.