NYC Graffiti Case Could Leave Its Mark on Legal Arena

November 27, 2017 – Media Mention
Wall Street Journal

Barry Werbin was quoted in a Wall Street Journal report on the groundbreaking 5Pointz aerosol art case that’s been on trial in Brooklyn seeking damages under the Visual Artists Right Act (VARA), which protects certain works of visual art on real property if they have “recognized stature.” Jurors recently issued an advisory verdict in favor of the plaintiffs - 21 artists who sued a real estate developer who first whitewashed over their art and then demolished the 5Pointz building complex he owned in Queens. 5Pointz had stood for over a decade as an open-air museum created and modified by multiple aerosol artists over time. “I would clearly characterize it as a landmark ruling,” Barry said of the jury’s verdict, which found that under VARA, the art had obtained “recognized stature.” Characterizing it as “a major shot across the bow for developers and property owners,” Barry concluded that the case “will be very influential across the country.” To access the full article, please follow the link (subscription required).