My Herrick Story: R. Andrew Shore

August 16, 2021 – Herrick News
Herrick, Feinstein LLP

R. Andrew Shore | | 212 592 1569

What was it about Herrick that enticed you to join the firm?

Prior to coming to Herrick, I had worked in both smaller boutique firms as well as larger global firms.

In my experience, the smaller firms had interesting clients mixed with a high level of personal service. However, the larger firms usually had the more complicated and engaging work that provided novel intellectual challenges. I wanted to find a firm that provided both – the longstanding personal relationships combined with the sophisticated legal issues – and Herrick has a perfect balance of the two. As a result of the age and history of the firm, there is an impressive roster of institutional, long-established estate planning clients alongside a healthy mix of entrepreneurs and first generational wealth who bring contemporary issues and challenges.

How is Herrick supporting you in your professional growth and development?

Herrick is extremely focused on nurturing practice development as well as public speaking and professional opportunities. The firm encourages its attorneys to engage with the general legal community. It’s also been incredibly supportive in its cross-marketing efforts, allowing me to integrate with many practice groups and provide support and counsel across disciplines.

How does the flexibility of a mid-sized firm with a deep bench like Herrick accommodate your clients?

There is a real sense of collegiality and camaraderie at Herrick, which provides a great opportunity for collaboration. At other firms, attorneys often work solely on their own matters, supporting their own clients. At Herrick, the attorneys are not only comfortable with one another, but they also encourage clients to seek counsel in other departments to maximize the benefits clients might accrue from their activities. For example, at the conclusion of a large corporate transaction, the Corporate Group referred their individual clients to the Trusts & Estates Group for estate planning advice because the clients’ personal estate planning needs changed upon the conclusion of the transaction. Since the firm’s partners are very comfortable referring clients to other lawyers and departments within the firm, Herrick’s clients benefit from the full suite of services that Herrick offers.

What is next for you and your practice?

I predict significant growth in the international sphere, both on the corporate and cultural side, as some degree of American presence becomes inevitable for global families. The firm has expanded immensely in its international services, including the Turkey, Israel and Nordic practice groups. We also align with networks of attorneys around the world, and I see those relationships continuing to grow. Herrick’s strong foothold in the global sphere provides the opportunity to look at estate planning from outside of the U.S. perspective. The firm is therefore an attractive mix for cross-border estate planning clients: a balanced, stable practice in the U.S. mixed with strong capabilities internationally. Our clients – in New York and around the world -- appreciate the level of experience we can provide on the estate planning and tax side in their complex legal landscape.

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