My Herrick Story: Jennifer Polovetsky

November 1, 2022 – Herrick News
Herrick, Feinstein LLP

Jennifer Polovetsky | [email protected] 212 592 1417

What was it about Herrick that enticed you to join the firm?

There were a lot of things that were appealing about Herrick. But first, a little history about myself and how I got here. I started my career at the New York City Law Department, in the Tax and Condemnation Division (now known as the Tax & Bankruptcy Litigation Division). While there, I prosecuted eminent domain and tax lien foreclosure cases on behalf of the City, and I also defended the City against various other lawsuits. I learned valuable litigation skills, and I was in Court more often than I was at my desk. From there, I joined a boutique law firm where I expanded my practice to include transactional real estate. In January of 2011, I founded my own law firm and handled a multitude of eminent domain matters, and we established ourselves as true players in this field. All the while, I continued to practice transactional real estate. However, we kept getting calls from former clients asking for tax advice, landlord tenant advice, zoning advice for replacement property, and so on and so forth. We were only two people, and we ended up referring a lot of work to other firms because we did not have the bandwidth and/or expertise to handle it in house.

Enter: Herrick.

Joining forces with a firm like Herrick with multiple complementary practices became very enticing to me. Not only could we keep everything under one roof, but we would also get the support we needed to expand our practice and continue to dominate the eminent domain market. In addition, I was excited to take my transactional and litigation skills to a new level. We had talked to several firms about merging, but we ultimately found Herrick to be the best fit. Herrick has an incredible brand and is a one-stop-shop when it comes to real estate. Plus, I loved all the people I met during the “getting to know” you process. Personality compatibility was just as important to me as professional compatibility. In Herrick, I found both.

How is Herrick supporting you in your professional growth and development?

Herrick has truly enabled me to take my brand to the next level. In joining Herrick, I have been able to leverage the firm’s strong reputation in real estate and litigation and cross-market to Herrick’s network of clients and contacts. Beyond that, I have taken full advantage of the marketing and business development “machine” that comes with being part of a larger firm. This has enabled me to increase my visibility exponentially, whether it be through events, podcasts, articles, media commentary, advertising, and more. I have been solidified as a go-to eminent domain attorney, in a way that would never have been possible before. 

What is next for you and your practice?

It is a really exciting time to be an eminent domain lawyer. Eminent domain activity is expected to increase significantly over the coming years, particularly given the Biden administration’s infrastructure bill—which sets aside nearly $1 trillion to finance a wide array of projects. The Tri-state Area is slated to get the lion’s share of this money for railroad, subway and bridge repairs, and other urban developments. The Penn Station Projects and Ronkonkoma Hub projects will involve a major transformation of these areas. These developments will require the acquisition of a number of buildings for public use, so we expect there will be exciting opportunities for us to assist clients affected by these transit-oriented projects.

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