My Herrick Story: Jason Goldstoff

February 25, 2021 – Herrick News
Herrick, Feinstein LLP

Jason Goldstoff [email protected] 212-592-6101

What was it about Herrick that enticed you to join the firm?

It’s a bit of a story – everything at Herrick is a bit of a story. Through a connection to Sheldon Chanales, I began my legal career at Herrick fresh out of law school but ended up at Kramer Levin and things were just fine there as an associate. In a truly incredible twist of fate, while on a winter family vacation in Puerto Rico, I was walking across the hotel lobby one evening and ran into Belinda Schwartz. In Puerto Rico of all places! The Herrick partners retreat was coincidentally taking place at the same time in the same hotel where I was staying. After sitting down with Belinda and discussing the opportunities available to me, the choice to return to Herrick was clear. The firm’s reputation for being one of the top real estate groups in the city, combined with its complex real estate work and diverse client base, made it an obvious career move. The supportive culture and dedication to the professional development of the attorneys is exceedingly valuable and continues to be a huge component of my practice.

How is Herrick unlike other firms?

Herrick is a true mid-sized firm with a wealth of experience and history in real estate. We are able to provide high-touch client service as well as the experience to handle complex and hairy transactions. That’s what Herrick does best.

Additionally, because of our relationships with so much of the real estate industry, we are able to play matchmaker on deals – introducing our clients to our contacts to solve challenges and make deals happen. Whether it’s joint venture partners, sources of financing, brokers and other real estate services, we add value to these client relationships in ways many firms cannot.

How has working at a mid-sized firm helped you to serve your clients?

Working at a firm of Herrick’s size enables us to be nimble and flexible on all deals. We are given the latitude to do what is best for the client relationship in the long term, not only focused on the immediate profitability of a new or developing client. In this way, the firm is very supportive of my growing practice and my growing relationships with my clients and their business.

What is next for you and your practice?

While 2020 was a truly unique year for legal services and my practice, I have been very busy with working on high-profile industrial deals, with clients such as DH Property Holdings. It’s been a year to continue to partner with all my clients and really listen to what they need in this challenging time.

I am looking forward to coming back to the office and seeing NYC come back. I think 2021 will rebound and be quite busy as the City begins to open up more and the “return to everything” becomes more evident. Clients are sitting on the sidelines waiting for opportunities, and I am seeing them focus on distressed opportunities, as well as managing their own portfolios through COVID-19 and now into whatever is next.

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