Kishner Discusses Talent Opportunities in the Legal Market

November 28, 2022 – Media Mention
Bloomberg Law

Herrick's Executive Chairman, Irwin Kishner, spoke to Bloomberg Law about the recent opportunities for mid-size law firms to secure top talent in a "buyer's market" after last year's recruiting wars. 

The article highlighted how mid-size firms are now finding opportunities to hire talented lawyers from law firm and tech company layoffs. While some big law firms scrambled for talent as demand surged over the last two years, these firms are now finding that there is not enough work to go around for all of the associates that they hired. These reductions have opened the doors for smaller firms to obtain new talent.  Irwin noted that Herrick fought last year to preserve its talent base. He also highlighted that "[t]he changing conditions present a chance to compete not only for top associate talent, but also partners."

“It’s just going to be a greater talent pool now to be able to decide who you’re [going to] bring in and who you’re not,” Irwin continued. 

Irwin also explained how the firm's smaller size and opportunities for hands-on training give recruits the chance to be more than “a cog in a vast legal machine.”

“You have to fight or compete on every single level and it’s not all just the almighty dollar,” Irwin concluded. 

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