IsraelDesks – In the Spotlight: Herrick’s Yariv Ben-Ari

June 21, 2024 – Media Mention
In the series of getting to know the Israel Desks at global law firms, they continue with an interview with Yariv Ben-Ari, partner in Herrick‘s Real Estate Department and a co-chair of both the firm’s Israel practice group and Real Estate Hospitality group.

What are the primary strategic objectives for the Israel-focused legal team in the upcoming year, and how do they align with the overall goals of the global law firm?

The horrific events of October 7th, amidst the ongoing recovery from COVID-19 and the upward global surge in antisemitism and anti-Zionism, managing an Israel desk requires more than just a strategy or plan. It requires pure dedication at the highest level towards the performance and success of the Israeli economy and humanitarian efforts. The Herrick team is focused on more than just marketing efforts, but also on advocacy for the Israeli ecosystem, its capital markets, and the overall financial well-being of the country. While Herrick has always focused on growing our client relationships, now more than ever, our partnership with clients from Israel and our continued dedication to their success is paramount.

How does the team collaborate internally and externally to stay abreast of the latest legal developments in Israel and globally?

We pride ourselves on actively engaging with our business development, marketing, library and managing attorney departments to maintain active online “alerts”, as well as constantly sharing information through online engagement such as LinkedIn, our firm podcast “Herrick Does That” and other social media channels.

What opportunities does the head of the Israel-focused legal team foresee for expanding the firm’s presence and influence in Israel?

Herrick has always been an entrepreneurial, out of the box and forward-looking firm. Our deep ties to the Israeli markets, including lawyers who have been admitted and have worked in the legal industry, allow us to partner with our domestic and foreign colleagues to tailor representation that best fits our clients. We do not believe in forcing a deal to fit a mold. Herrick understands the market, business and mentality of our clients.

Our meaningful relationships with Israeli colleagues, coupled with our entrepreneurial nature, allows us to collaborate with our clients on their transactions and facilitate new relationships and opportunities. As tragic as recent events have been in Israel, it has presented an unexpected opportunity to collaborate with Israeli and our other international colleagues on grass roots advocacy for Israel’s economy. This will be the year to highlight the accomplishments of Israel’s economy and financial markets.

What are the challenges facing the firm’s Israeli desk? How does the team address potential cultural or jurisdictional challenges when working on cases that involve both Israeli and global legal perspectives?

Every challenge is an opportunity. An opportunity to engage, educate, advocate and inform. We see this upcoming year as an opportunity to highlight the strength of the Israeli market and its resilience even in times of war.

What priorities do you have for the Israeli Desk in 2024?

Consistent with our business plans, we intend to invest in engagement opportunities, including podcasts and in-person events. We have already released podcasts with leading figures such as the general counsel for Phoenix Insurance Company and are we are currently curating additional programming and content. Find all of Herrick’s Israel related content on our website.

Would you like to put a spotlight on any Israel related lawyer or practice?

Real Estate, Corporate and Securities matters have continually been the foundation of our work with our Israeli clients, as Herrick focuses on inbound transactions to the United States. But the opportunity and reset in the Hospitality industry as it relates to migrants, the unhoused, war and other enormous factors are of interest to investors. Typically, the Hospitality industry is the first to emerge from a downturn.

We see globally that as hotels continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, they now face additional recovery challenges from alternative uses they were not designed for, such as housing displaced families due to war and political conflict, migrants and the unhoused. Given the potential for global recovery and a charged election year in the United States, the Hospitality industry will be carefully watched for emerging opportunities.

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