Howard University Can Only Wait as Makur Maker Weighs NBA Move

February 23, 2021 – Media Mention

Irwin A. Kishner, co-chair of Herrick's Sports Law Group was quoted in Sportico, in an article discussing whether Howard University's celebrated freshman basketball player, Makur Maker, will stay at Howard and play for an additional year, or declare for the NBA draft. The article notes that Howard's season was canceled on February 9 as a result of a COVID-19 exposure on the team, which resulted in limited playing time for Maker making it is difficult to predict what decision he will make. Kishner opined that Maker will leave for the NBA. “If I’m his agent, I have a fiduciary duty to tell him how to make the most money possible,” Kishner said. “In a limited playing career, giving up a year of big money could have a profound effect on it. The question is what’s [Maker’s] value system and how important is the dollar versus giving back?”

The article further notes that this has been an abnormal season for basketball, and that this year should be "taken with a grain of salt." “Health and safety always have to prevail,” Kishner said. “The university made a decision, and you have to respect that.”