Herrick’s Kishner Talks ‘Constant Goal of Demonstrating the Value of Our Deliverables’

March 17, 2020 – Media Mention - Mid-Market Report

Herrick's Executive Chairman, Irwin Kishner, sat down with to discuss the firm’s ability to compete with both larger full-service law firms as well as boutique firms noting that "[w]e are market leaders in several defined practice areas in which we have dedicated time, resources and talent." Kishner highlighted Herrick's "ability to gain market shares from larger law firms in focused practices areas, which results from our demonstrated excellence and depth of experience in these verticals." 

In the specific areas in which Herrick specializes – including real estate law, commercial litigation, finance litigation and restructuring as well as sports law – the piece notes that the firm also offers a full range of compendium services to support clients’ multifaceted legal needs. Herrick’s reputation in these legal sectors provides the firm with the opportunity to attract top rate professionals due to candidates’ desire to be a part of these highly respected and specialized practice groups. 

Kishner also discussed how the firm prioritizes client service and innovation noting that “[w]e are constantly reviewing new ideas, strategies, tools and products to determine the best and most efficient means to deliver legal services. We consistently invest in state-of-the-art technology for the benefit of the firm and our clients."

With respect to a succession plan, Kishner notes that the firm encourages the up-and-coming lawyers to take leadership positions and nurtures their interests to prepare the next generation to lead Herrick into the future. 

The full Q&A with Irwin Kishner is available here in’s Mid-Market Report section.