Herrick Feinstein Announces New Nordic Practice

February 23, 2021 – Media Mention

The launch of Herrick's Nordic Practice was featured in Law360 Pulse including an interview with Litigation partner, Deborah Koplovitz.

The article states, "The firm touted the new practice as an extension of its international offerings and an opportunity to take advantage of growing investment appetite in the Nordic region," and continues with, "Koplovitz, who plans to resume regular trips to Norway after the pandemic ends, also highlighted Nordic entrepreneurship, telling Law360 Pulse on Tuesday that the region's relatively small population often means that entrepreneurial spirit is directed across borders. Traditionally, she said, most firms that do legal work for Nordic-based interests have operated in the shipping and energy sectors, which are major industries in the region. However, she thinks there is a broader demand as well, one she said the firm hopes to meet."

The article quotes Deborah as saying, "We really feel that there's great opportunities in health tech, bio tech, and other growing fields that the Nordic countries are very active in." Deborah added, "Whatever a company would need to do to get started here in the States, we can do it."

Read the full article on Law360 here. Access may require a subscription.