City’s business of fun shows signs of a comeback: 1 in 5 travelers will come for business once again

January 9, 2023 – Media Mention
Crain's New York Business

Co-chair of Herrick's Real Estate Hospitality Practice, Yariv C. Ben-Ari, was quoted in a Crain's New York Business 2023 Lifestyle of New York feature discussing how New York City continues to make a comeback in the form of restaurants, arts, tourism and gaming.

The article notes that one in five travelers will visit New York City for business again, and that "City business travel and tourism will continue to increase in 2023, boosting a hospitality industry that once relied on hotel stays, corporate-card lunches and extravagant holiday events to thrive."

Yariv is quoted as saying, "The key factor in turning around business travel into New York City is to resume many of the conferences in the past that have still not come back. These are key drivers in bringing business travel to New York."

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