Cash for Kicks: How Public Money Could Play Role in New Raiders Stadium Deal

August 12, 2015 – Media Mention
San Francisco Business Times

Irwin Kishner was quoted in San Francisco Business Times about the firm's work for New City Development in its new stadium plan for the NFL's Oakland Raiders and the pledge by city and county officials to not use public money for the project. According to Kishner, using public financing for sports facilities is "a balance, allocating funds in an intelligent manner toward civic pride and developing (schools, hospitals and housing). Driving tourism and jobs is also a noble pursuit." Kishner cautioned that cities risk teams leaving for better economic deals. "You can say the Yankees are tied in with New York, but if the city of Toronto were to say, 'Here's a brand-new stadium, infrastructure and 8 million people (in the region), and we'll guarantee that you'll never pay a nickel rent' — that will attract a team," Kishner said. "You can make it so good that teams can't refuse it."