Praise for Rare Result in Texas Class Action

Following the fallout of Enron, Jason defended a global investment advisor in numerous related actions including an ERISA and securities class action litigated in federal court in Texas. In that case, Jason uncovered, and creatively leveraged a rarely-used provision of Section 11(e) of the Securities Act of 1933. Using this provision, Jason obtained an extremely rare result for the client – summary judgment along with attorneys' fees, which were ordered to be paid not by the plaintiff, but by plaintiff's counsel. That first-of-its-kind decision garnered extensive media coverage, including The New York Times article "In Unusual Ruling, Law Firm Is Told to Pay Opponent's Legal Fees in Enron Case," and the Wall Street Journal article "Loser Pays." As a result of Jason's winning strategy, he was also asked by LexisNexis to author an "Expert Commentary," regarding his innovative use of Section 11(e)'s fee-shifting provision.