Holocaust Restitution: Recovering Stolen Art

Sponsored by the Jewish Nation Fund-USA and featuring Howard N. Spiegler.

Nazi-Looted Art and Archives: Recovering and Preserving Jewish Culture

The ravages of the Holocaust and post-World War II led to the theft and disappearance of art, archives, and personal assets. Jonathan Brent, Executive Director and CEO, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and Howard Spiegler spoke on the quest to recover and preserve these cultural treasures.

Museum of Jewish Heritage's program on recovering Nazi-looted art.

Howard Spiegler was a guest speaker at the Museum of Jewish Heritage's program on recovering Nazi-looted art. Howard discussed several recovery cases and provided an overview of the ethical and legal issues that are involved.

Nazi-Looted Art: Unfinished Business

Howard Spiegler participated in a panel discussion on the Nazi plunder of cultural property during Hitler’s regime discussing the efforts on both sides of the Atlantic to locate the looted art and return it to its rightful owners.  The event was sponsored by Ben Uri Art Identity Migration, Rollins College and the Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

Art Title Insurance: What is It and Should You Get It?

Howard Spiegler led a panel of experts, including ARIS Title Insurance, at Art Basel in Miami Beach on the topic of “Art Title Insurance: What is it and Should You Get It?”  The panel discussed claims to faulty title and whether collectors and others should consider the purchase of Art Title insurance as routinely as other types of insurance.

Rewriting History: The Recovery of Nazi-Looted Art

Chair and Chief Executive of Ben Uri Gallery spoke with Howard Spiegler during his talking series on “Rewriting History: The Recovery of Nazi-Looted Art.”  He addressed key points and the complexities involved with spoliation of Nazi-looted art both in the United States and in Europe.

USA: Ancient Mayan Artifact

Howard Spiegler spoke to the press regarding the return of an ancient fragment that was stolen from a thousand-year-old monument in Guatemala, noting that this recovery signified Guatemala’s intention to aggressively pursue the return of artifacts. This relic was an example of the untold numbers of archeological artifacts stolen from sites in Guatemala.