DC Finance New York Family Office Meeting

September 15, 2016
Herrick, Feinstein LLP

2 Park Avenue

New York City

The NYC Real Estate Family Office Meetings are a series of select new intimate meetings for up to 120 Ultra & High New Worth Individuals and family offices representatives focused on investment in real estate. Sponsored by Herrick and Meier on Rothschild, this event presented cutting edge investment ideas, analysis of the markets by its market leaders and a meeting place for select families and family office representatives sharing the same investment interests.

Topics and Speakers:

  • Denny Chared, CEO, DC Finance
  • Wendy Craft, COO, Favara, LLC (SFO), Conference Chair
  • Belinda Schwartz, Chair, Real Estate Dept., Herrick, Feinstein LLP
  • The Market Leaders - Market Analysis, Thoughts and Views - Part 1
    • Ofer Yardeni, Chairman & CEO, Stonehenge NYC
    • Tal Kerret, President, Silverstein Properties - Trends in the Real Estate Field and a discussion on the "community of building" - being President of a company that doesn't just build buildings but makes them communities.
  • The Future of Real Estate Online - Javier Benson, Vice President, Business Development and Marketplace Operations, Realty Shares, Q&A Session
  • Real Estate Investing in Today's Low-Yield Environment - Kevin Kujawski, CFO/COO, Menlo Equities & CEO/President, Menlo Equities Absolute Return Fund, Q&A Session
  • Jason D. Greenblatt, Executive VP & Chief Legal Officer, The Trump Organization - Signs you should not ignore when investing in real estate: what might make me run the other way.
  • Jack Rosen, Chief Executive, Rosen Partners - Q&A Session
  • Alternative Investment Opportunities in the European Market
    • Juan Carlos Smith, Founding Partner, ENEAS
    • Edvaldo Morata, Partner, ENEAS
  • Yigal Zemah, CEO & Founder, Berggruen Residential - Penthouses - Life on Top. Definition, Trends and some of the most expensive penthouses around the world.
  • The Real Estate Panel - Brexit, Elections, Millenials - Are we going to see a bubble burst in 2017? Moderated by Mark Rubin, Senior Managing Director, DTI Consulting
    • Benjamin Macfarland, CEO, Elite Stor Capital
    • Toby Moskovitz, Founder and CEO, Heritage Equity Partners
    • Moshe Rosenbaum, President, MFR Equity
    • David Schwartz, Managing Director, Greystone&Co
    • Kent M. Swig, President, Swig Equities and Fulcrum Equities LLC
  • Private Workship With ENEAS - Alternative Investments in the European Market
    • Juan Carlos Smith, Founding Partner, ENEAS
    • Edvaldo Morata, Partner, ENEAS