Art Law, Policy and Management

February 28, 2009
Institute of Art and Law

London, England

Howard Spiegler spoke at the "Art Law, Policy and Management" forum at the Institute of Art and Law (IAL) about Holocaust-looted art and the implications of the Malevich case, which has garnered great interest world-wide among museums and others.

Topics discussed: recent changes to the artist's resale right in the UK; practical issues in copyright litigation; the Hague Convention and moves within the UK towards ratification; auction law and practice in France and the UK.

IAL is composed of leading museum officials, auction houses, fine art insurers, underwriters and others with a professional interest in art law transactions from the U.K., Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Bolivia and the U.S.

Speakers included:
Howard Spiegler, Partner, Herrick, Feinstein LLP
Simon Stokes, Partner, Blake Lapthorn Solicitors 
Gillian Haggart, Journalist, Law and Arts
Kevin Chamberlain, Barrister, York Chambers
Dr. Sophie Vigneron, Lecturer, University of Kent

Attendees included: museum officials, galleries and insurance underwriters, as well as others in the art world.