Previous Experience


  • Defense of boards, their officers and directors in lawsuits claiming breach of fiduciary duty, waste, fraud, negligence, property damage and breach of contract
  • Prosecution and defense of employment and housing discrimination claims under New York State, City and Federal laws
  • Defense of legal malpractice claims, claims that a plaintiff’s federal civil rights have been violated, and in wrongful conviction and false imprisonment cases
  • Representation of outdoor advertising companies and buildings in administrative proceedings and in court with respect to alleged violations of the New York City Administrative Code
  • Representation of purchasers and sellers of cooperative and condominium apartments and seller of multimillion-dollar commercial property
  • Representation of purchaser of condominium unit in dispute against sponsor for return of contract deposit
  • Representation of condominium boards in claims against sponsors for construction defects
  • Prosecution and defense of shareholder and election disputes
  • Representation of foreign heads of state in U.S. contract dispute
  • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation of cooperatives and condominiums in the sale/license of hallway space and common areas
  • Representation of licensors and licensees for use and access to adjacent property for purposes of Local Law 11 work
  • Advise companies on compliance with U.S. Treasury regulations, New York State Attorney General Regulations, New York State Public Service Law, the New York State Public Service Commission Regulations, and the New York City Administrative Code
  • Prosecution and defense of foreclosure actions
  • Commercial leasing and buyouts


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  • Green Apple Management Corp. v. Aronis, 95 A.D. 3d 826 (2nd Dept. 2012)
  • J-Mar Service Center, Inc. v. Mahoney, Connor & Hussey, 45 A.D. 3d 809 (2nd Dept. 2007)
  • Madison Park Owner LLC v. Schneiderman, 93 A.D. 3d 555 (1st Dept. 2012)
  • Mazzocchi v. Windsor Owners Corp., 2013 WL 5295089 (S.D.N.Y. 2013)
  • Rogowsky v. McGarry, 55 A.D. 3d 815 (2nd Dept. 2008)
  • Sash v. Rosahn, 2011 WL 6091571 (2d Cir. 2011)