My Herrick Story: Deborah Koplovitz

November 15, 2021 – Herrick News
Herrick, Feinstein LLP

Deborah Koplovitz [email protected] | 212 592 1620

How is Herrick unlike other firms?

Herrick welcomed me and our whole team from Anderson Kill with open arms nearly a year ago. When we joined, Herrick was ready to integrate us into the firm and see us shine. Coming to work is a pleasure – everyone here is fully committed to the team, to client service and to creative thinking and strategy. Whether it is the fantastic people in litigation support, the copy room and marketing departments, or the support staff, everyone at Herrick always brings their “A” game making being here a real joy.

How does the flexibility of a mid-sized firm with a deep bench like Herrick accommodate your clients?

What I find most impressive about Herrick is the skill and experience of the lawyers are equally matched by our flexibility in servicing clients. Because we are an independent, mid-sized firm, we are able to meet client needs quickly and provide fee structures that add value.

How is Herrick supporting you in your professional growth and development?

I had an unusual path to becoming a lawyer; one that brings diversity and a bit of outside-the- box thinking to my practice. For many years after undergrad, I was engaged in the arts in New York City – choreographing my own work and performing with modern dance companies in respected modern dance venues such as the Joyce Theater and Jacob’s Pillow in the Berkshires. After many years as a “struggling” artist and following my dreams, I wanted to have “just one job”, so I decided to go to law school with the goal of utilizing my substantial, and unique, foreign language and diplomacy skills, knowledge of cross-cultural communication, and performance skills, in the world of international business.

International business had always been an interest of mine as well as the arts - I was a Germanic Languages and Literature major in college and lived overseas for two years, one of which was 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. (And yes, just as you expect, the sun did not come up for nearly three months and it was light all summer!) Towards this goal of pursuing something in the sphere of international relations and business, in my second year of law school I earned a fellowship with the Dennis J. Block Center for International Business at Brooklyn Law School. But as life often makes choices for you, early on in my legal career, I was given the opportunity to work with an amazing team of lawyers in a slightly different area – the world of litigation and representation of cooperatives and condominiums in New York City! I took this detour, but over the years, have been able to keep my mind on international issues with certain clients we have had.

Before I joined Herrick, I knew the firm had substantial international dealings through the Israel Practice and Turkey Practice, and hoped that I could utilize the skills of our teams to broaden our international offerings to the Nordic countries. The past year at Herrick I have been working to build out this practice through the cooperation with the International Group and look forward to what is next for the practice in 2022.

Coming to Herrick has been exceptional on two fronts: our coop/condo team has been able to expand our client base and the work we do by joining with Herrick’s incredible real estate bench. And, with respect to my international business interests, I am already seeing amazing things happening with the Nordic Practice Group, even despite the travel restrictions. My contacts are growing, and I am hoping that 2022 will continue to bring even more exciting projects to Herrick.

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