Shortly after I joined Herrick as counsel (after having spent my career to that point at a "mega firm"), I was introduced to one of the firm's most important corporate clients. After handling some minor litigation work for them, I pitched for and landed work representing that client in a high-profile class action involving one other defendant who was represented by another firm. It was the first matter I brought in and the partners at Herrick were delighted. At the first pre-motion conference, however, I convinced the class plaintiffs' lawyers to drop their claims against our client. When the conference was over, the federal judge turned to me and said "Well, it looks like you just talked yourself out of a lucrative representation … what are the partners at your firm going to think?" I worried the entire way back to the office wondering exactly that. I just cost the firm a good amount of revenue, and being new to the firm, I had no idea what they would say. When I informed the partners of what had happened, they not only were not upset, they were thrilled. Their entire focus was on what a great outcome this was for our client. Not one of them mentioned Herrick's lost revenue. Today, I am a proud partner at Herrick, and I know for a fact that my experience was not an aberration. Many firms say "the client comes first" but Herrick truly lives by that maxim.

Jason A. D'AngeloNew YorkFordham University School of Law