• Reckson Strategic Venture Partners - Formation: Representation of Reckson Strategic Venture Partners in its formation. Reckson Strategic Venture Partners was a $300 million equity fund that acquired controlling interests in real estate operating companies.
  • Impala Partners - RGIS Acquisition: Representation of Impala Partners in its acquisition of a controlling interest in RGIS, a 40,000 employee mid-west inventory management solutions company, the largest in the world.
  • Lightstone Group - Prime Retail Acquisition: Representation of the Lightstone Group in its acquisition of Prime Retail, a REIT, and its operating partnership, which owned a chain of retail outlet shopping centers throughout the U.S. The transaction involved a merger, taking a public REIT private, entering into tax protection agreements with several tiers of operating partnership limited partner interests, a mezzanine investment and a $350 million loan secured by mortgages on certain outlet center properties.
  • Frontline Capital / Vantas / HQ Global Merger: Representation of Frontline Capital in connection with the merger of Vantas and HQ Global Workplaces into a billion dollar executive office suite company.
  • Overseas Consortium: Representation of a major American company in forming an overseas consortium to trade energy in central Europe.
  • Telecommunications Company - Asset Sale: Representation of a telecommunications company in the sale of its assets and associated entities to Leucadia for more than $125 million and a 25% interest in the newly formed entities. This transaction involved a complicated structure: some assets were held in the Dominican Republic and subject to local regulations and the seller's business was regulated by the US Federal Communications Commission.
  • Convertible Notes Transaction: Representation of a company in a complex $150 million convertible notes transaction, involving multiple platform subsidiaries and affiliates, joint venture partners and multi-tiered debt structures.
  • Dutch Internet Company - Strategic Investment: Representation of a Netherlands - based internet service provider in its strategic investment in a European wireless telecommunications company.
  • Automobile Aftermarket - Merger: Representation of an aftermarket automobile company in its merger with its leading competitor to form the largest automobile aftermarket company in the manufacture and sale of certain products.