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Legal Best Practices for Small/Family Businesses
May 2015 - COMMERCE Magazine
Herrick corporate partner Glenn Stein contributed to the COMMERCE Magazine article “Legal Best Practices for Small/Family Businesses.” In the article, Glenn advises New Jersey-based small and family businesses to take the time to properly establish a separate legal entity for their company and adopt carefully considered stockholders agreements or operating agreements to guide owners in the operation, governance and eventual disposition of the company. He also advises companies to adhere to corporate formalities, such as not comingling personal and business finances, which will help insulate owners from personal liability.
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What’s at Stake for Insider Trading Prosecutions after U.S. v. Newman
March 19, 2015 -- Westlaw Journals Securities Litigation & Regulation newsletter
Arthur Jakoby was quoted in Westlaw Journal's Securities Litigation & Regulation newsletter about the effect of the U.S. v. Newman federal appeals court ruling on insider trading and how it may raise the standard required for prosecution. ”Over many years, prosecutors have forced numerous guilty pleas from defendants unwilling — and often unable to afford — to challenge the federal government’s skewed position that the mere existence of a loosely defined ‘friendship’ between tipper and tippee is sufficient under the U.S. Supreme Court in Dirks to support insider trading liability,” Arthur said. "A trader should not have to worry that entering into an innocent transaction that is free from the taint of a quid pro quo exchange could nevertheless subject him to her to prosecution."
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Herrick White Collar Defense & Investigations Chair Victor J. Rocco Appears on Artelligence Podcast: How to Handle an Investigation of Your Art Gallery
March 19, 2015 -- Artelligence Podcast
News has arisen of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office conducting an investigation into galleries practices of sales tax collection. In this Artelligence podcast by Art Market Monitor, Herrick’s White Collar Defense & Investigations Chair Victor J. Rocco discusses the steps galleries should take if they receive a subpoena or questions from law enforcement.
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Ex-Empire State Bldg. Owners' New Chance to Invest
March 11, 2015 -- Crain’s New York Business
Herrick was mentioned, and Herrick partner Jonathan Adelsberg was quoted in Crain's New York Business, regarding Herrick's strategic alliance with real estate investment firm NHCohen Partners LLC, run by former Malkin Securities executive Ned Cohen. In the article, Ned commented that the “relationships that Herrick has will help create a lot of [investment] opportunities,” while Jonathan highlighted the value that comes with “being able to offer our clients a connection to this kind of capital.”
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7 Habits Of Highly Effective Law Firm Leaders
March 10, 2015
Herrick Executive Committee chairman Irwin A. Kishner was quoted in Law360 on the seven habits that make highly effective law firm leaders, including crafting business plans with strong vision, focusing on client relationships, seeking visibility both internally and externally, building consensus and the ability to confront problems head-on. On the latter, Irwin shared his belief that effective law firm leaders “have accountability to stand up for what [they] believe in and lead with pureness, fairness and equity, but with conviction.”
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