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Patrick D. Sweeney: news
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Financial Reform Special Section: Dodd-Frank Brings Regulatory Change For Investment Advisors
May 13, 2013 -- New York Law Journal
Patrick D. Sweeney co-authored an article about the new regulatory division between federal and state regulators and the expanded reach of regulation requirements on investment advisors which was featured in the New York Law Journal's Financial Reform Special Section.
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SEC Rule Has Swaps Traders Running Scared
January 12, 2011 -- Hedge Fund Alert
Patrick Sweeney notes that a new SEC rule -- which traders did anticipate -- covers security-based swaps for the life of the contract. Pat notes that under the newly promulgated rule, traders can be liable in cases of ordinary disputes about calculating values or netting cash payments.
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The Haggling Begins for Troubled Assets
November 11, 2010 -- New York Times
Patrick Sweeney is quoted in this lead business-page story about how banks are considering selling some financial assets, including some troubled CDOs and derivatives, in part to comply with stiffer regulations and in part simply to shed assets. The story notes that the hedge funds and private equity funds that are interested in buying those assets generally are not bidding enough to satisfy the banks' price targets.
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Herrick -- Committed to Its Clients' Success
April 2010 -- Corporate INTL
Herrick's Corporate Department is profiled in Corporate INTL's article "Herrick -- Committed to Its Clients' Success." The article highlights the sophisticated transactions Herrick handles and discusses Herrick's commitment to helping clients achieve their goals.