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telecommunications equipment
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We're more connected now than we've ever been, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Our kids have cell phones at the ripe old age of six, when most of us were well into adulthood before they were invented. We all used to have one or two phone numbers, now we've got three or four, plus a couple of email addresses, and we can text each other if an email or a phone call will take too long. It's a blessing and a curse, but for businesses, it's all good news. More products, more services, and an estimated $1.7 trillion into the economy expected in 2008.

You'll find Herrick wherever you look in this ever-growing and ever-changing business. We advise cell phone manufacturers in their intellectual property issues, private equity funds in their investments in the sector, and more, right down to the wires running through the floor under your feet (we represent the nation's largest manufacturer of computer flooring, too). Please click on the links above and below to learn more about our lawyers and our work in the telecommunications equipment industry.