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health care: matters
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Bio-Reference Labs - Gene Patenting Legislation
Representation of Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. in providing legislative advice and governmental solutions to help enable it to conduct diagnostic tests currently prevented by laws allowing owners of gene patents to grant exclusive licenses for those tests.
Healthcare Services Provider - Alleged Violations of FLSA and Connecticut Wage and Hour Laws
Representing a leading provider of mental health services in an action filed in Connecticut federal court by a former staff psychologist alleging wrongful termination and failure to pay wages pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act and Connecticut Wage and Hour law. 
Medical Exam Firm - Asset Acquisition
Representation of an independent medical exam and review firm in its acquisition of independent medical examination software assets from Ohio-based Innova Partners Limited.
Small Bone Innovations - Acquisition by Stryker Corporation
Representation of Small Bone Innovations, a leader in the musculoskeletal/orthopedics sector, in connection with its acquisition by Stryker Corporation, one of the world's leading medical technology companies, in an all-cash transaction valued at up to $375 million.
Strategic Check LLC - Master Participation Agreement
Representation of Strategic Check LLC in preparation of master participation agreement which will permit investments in non-recourse credit extended to health care providers.
Strategic Check LLC - Consumer Credit Regulations Advice
Representation of Strategic Check LLC in connection with research and advice concerning consumer credit regulations applicable to health care provider financing program.
Small Bone Innovations - Series F Financing
Representation of SBI in its private placement of Series F Preferred Stock in multiple tranches.
Small Bone Innovations - Series E Financing
Representation of SBI in its private placement of Series E Preferred Stock to Olympus Corporation.
Small Bone Innovations, Inc. - Credit Facility
Representation of SBI, a leading, privately held orthopedics company focused exclusively on technologies and treatments for the small bones and joints, in a $30 million credit facility with Fortress Credit Corp. to fund accelerated business expansion and refinance existing indebtedness.
Small Bone Innovations - Malaysian Joint Venture
Representation of Small Bone Innovations in forming a joint venture entity in Malaysia, which will serve as the hub for SBi’s Asia Pacific operations.
Small Bone Innovations - “S.T.A.R.” Acquisition
Representation of Small Bone Innovations in its acquisition of Link America, Inc., including the technology for the S.T.A.R. Ankle--a total ankle replacement prosthesis that is the first of its kind to receive FDA approval in the U.S.
Private Investment Fund - Senior Living Investments
Counsel to a large private investment fund which specializes in making investments in senior living communities throughout the United States.
Health Insurer - Government Investigation
Representation of a New York area health insurer in connection with an investigation into claims practices by the New York Attorney General's office. We achieved a cost-effective resolution that avoided litigation and adverse publicity.
Venture Capital Firm - DIP Financing
Representation of a mid-sized venture capital firm in connection with a secured credit facility to a debtor-in-possession in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. The debtor/borrower is one of our client's portfolio companies involved in the healthcare sector. In addition to being the DIP lender, our client is also a pre-petition lender to, and holds a majority equity interest in, the debtor.
Asset Manager - Multifamily Property Foreclosure
Representation of the asset manager for an investment bank in foreclosing on, and taking possession of, a multifamily 208-unit apartment complex encumbered by a deed of trust that our client obtained at a HUD auction sale of distressed debt. We obtained possession in less than 120 days, an extremely fast result in these cases.
Small Bone Innovations - Private Placement
Representation of Small Bone Innovations in a private placement of approximately $11 million of Series C Preferred Stock.
Assisted Living Facility - Employment Issues and Audit
Representation of an assisted living facility in employment issues and a Department of Labor audit.
Fitness Center - Employment Litigation
Representation of a New Jersey fitness center in its severance agreements and employment disputes, including an action for wrongful termination based on disability.
Money Center Bank - Mortgage Sale
Representation of a money center bank in the sale of a mortgage loan made to a not-for-profit private community hospital.
Bio-Reference Labs - Congressional Hearings
We helped Bio-Reference Laboratories, a genetic testing company, convince the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property to hold hearings on October 30, 2007 on the adverse impact of gene patenting on genetic testing by laboratories and on clinical research. Bio-Reference Laboratories' CEO was a key witness. We are working closely with Representative Xavier Becerra of California, a member of the House leadership, as well as with the chair of the Judiciary Committee and Subcommittee for a positive outcome for Bio-Reference.
Inverness Medical Innovations - Acquisition
Representation of Inverness Medical Innovations, a publicly traded medical device company, in its stock acquisition of a manufacturer and distributor of home testing medical products.
American Heritage Communities, Inc. - Assisted Living Facility
Representation of American Heritage Communities as borrower on a term and construction loan facility in connection with the development of an assisted living facility in Reading, PA.
Loan Servicer - Nursing Home Sale
Representation of a servicer for a holder of a defaulted mortgage loan in orchestrating the sale of a nursing home facility in bankruptcy after existing management refused to continue managing the facility. After the sale, the Chapter 11 trustee moved to compel our client to pay all unpaid post-trustee appointment administrative claims. The bankruptcy court in Indianapolis agreed with our argument that the financing stipulation we negotiated for our client with the trustee precluded the trustee's motion, saving substantial out-of-pocket costs.
Asset Manager - Senior Living Facility Foreclosure
Representation of an asset manager for an investment bank in foreclosing on, and taking possession of, a senior living facility encumbered by a deed of trust that our client obtained at a HUD auction sale of distressed debt. We obtained possession in less than sixty days, an extremely fast result in these cases.
Assisted Living Facility - State Approval for Expansion
Representation of an assisted living facility in Far Rockaway, New York, in obtaining Congressional and local elected official support for its application for state approval for the expansion and beautification of its facility.
M&T Bank - Nursing Home Financing
Representation of a M&T Bank in a multi-million dollar acquisition loan to a nursing home in Glen Cove, NY.
Medical Practice - Equipment License
Representation of a professional medical practice in connection with the license and turnkey delivery of nuclear cardiology imaging equipment and operation.
Small Bone Innovations - Medical Device License
Representation of Small Bone Innovations in the exclusive license of the "Hexapod," a lower limb fixation product, from Litos Gmbh.
Medical Device Company - Raiding
Representation of a medical device company in avoiding litigation threatened by a competitor over our client's hiring of several of the competitor's employees.
Medical Device Company - Employment Contract Litigation
Representation of a medical device company, and two individuals in a litigation brought in New Jersey state court by a competitor. The plaintiffs claimed that our clients had violated restrictive covenants in two former employees' contracts, and sought injunctive relief and damages. The Court denied injunctive relief, and the case settled before discovery with no payment by our clients.
Dubilier & Company - Acquisition of DC Safety Sales
Representation of Dubilier & Company and other investors in connection with the acquisition and refinancing of DC Safety Sales Co., the leading supplier of OEM first aid kits.
Small Bone Innovations - Corporate Transactions
Representation of a small bone orthopedics company in its $42.2 million venture capital transaction; credit facility; joint ventures and strategic alliances and numerous acquisitions and licensing transactions.
New York City Union - Healthcare Software License
Representation of a major New York City union and its benefits fund in negotiating software license and maintenance agreements and an ASP agreement with a large, publicly traded health care technology provider.