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The Impact of Pending and Existing Employment Legislation on Employment Lawyers and Clients
November 1, 2010
The Impact of Recent Regulatory Developments in Employment Law, published by Aspatore Books
Employment litigation specialist Carol Goodman authors a book chapter on what laws -- existing and pending -- affect employment attorneys and their clients, and in what way. The chapter is part of a larger book covering regulatory changes in employment law.
City Program Could Streamline Brownfield Process
September 2, 2010
A new program that allows the NYC Office of Environmental Remediation to investigate some brownfields sites, oversee remediation and -- applying state DEC criteria -- advise that cleanup has been completed properly, gives developers a potentially viable option to redevelop tainted property, Louis Evans writes. He notes that the state's program -- heretofore the only game in town -- offered a relatively protracted and sluggish process and says developers would be wise at least to consider the city program.
Ultra Stores success in the Chapter 11 fast lane
November 4, 2009
Financier Worldwide
Joshua Angel writes about how he took Ultra Stores into Chapter 11 with a plan to help the company emerge, and how and why the plan worked.
Protection of Government Symbols
February 2008
Barry Werbin
INTA Bulletin
Barry Werbin writes about laws governing the use of official government symbols for private use.
Litigation against a Foreign Sovereign in the United States to Recover Artworks on Temporary Loan: The Malewicz Case
January 2007
Howard N. Spiegler, Mari-Claudia Jiménez
Juriste International
Howard Spiegler, with the assistance of Mari-Claudia Jiménez, authors this article on the Malewicz case.