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40 Under 40
August 15, 2011 -- New Jersey Law Journal
Jaimee Katz Sussner is named one of New Jersey's pre-eminent and most promising attorneys younger than 40 by virtue of being selected to the New Jersey Law Journal's 40 Under 40 list. The item notes Jaimee's various litigation successes, including prevailing in one matter before the state Supreme Court. It also mentions her prowess title insurance litigation and commercial real estate litigation.

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Jaimee Katz Sussner Named one of New Jersey Law Journal's “40 under 40”
August 10, 2011
Jaimee Katz Sussner is named one of New Jersey Law Journal’s 40 Under 40. The New Jersey Law Journal’s “40 Under 40” list consists of young lawyers who have demonstrated leadership within their firms, have presented strong trial, appellate or transactional work, and who show an involvement in pro bono work and other volunteer activities. Jaimee’s “40 under 40” profile will appear in the special magazine insert in the New Jersey Law Journal’s August 15th issue.
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Underwriter Says Title Insurer Swiped Millions
June 3, 2011 -- Courthouse News Service
Our representation of WFG National Title Insurance Co. is noted in this story, which mentions that Arthur Jakoby is counsel to WFG in its action against TitleServ, one of the largest title agencies in the country. WFG alleges that TitleServ allegedly stole $7.9 million from customers' escrow funds.
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Timing of Lawyer's Thievery Saves Title Insurer From Liability to Buyers
August 4, 2010
A unanimous New Jersey State Supreme Court reversed an Appellate Division decision and found for our client, Stewart Title, in a case that looked at who is liable when a closing attorney steals a client's funds. In this case, Stewart Title had never even heard of the attorney -- or his clients, who sold a home and then bought another, entrusting their attorney with their money -- before the theft occurred. This story quotes Jaimee Katz Sussner, who successfully argued the case, about what the Court ruled on and what it deferred for another day.
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Court Weighs Title Insurer's Liability For Attorney's Theft of Client Funds.
March 15, 2010 -- New Jersey Law Journal
Jaimee Katz Sussner's argument before the New Jersey Supreme Court on behalf of our client Stewart Title is noted in this story. The story says the title insurance industry is closely watching this case, which will help determine when a title insurer is liable for a dishonest closing attorney's theft of money, especially when the theft occurred before the title policy was purchased.
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Court To Hear Appeal of Title Insurer Made To Reimburse Lawyers' Fund
November 25, 2009 -- New Jersey Law Journal
Jaimee Katz Sussner says there will be national interest in the New Jersey Supreme Court's granting of cert in a dispute between our client -- a title insurer -- and the state's lawyers' fund for client protection. At issue are the respective roles of title insurers and closing attorneys, and whether attorneys should be present at real estate closings.
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Mortgage Fraud Skyrocketing in Jersey
June 17, 2007 -- The Star-Ledger
Jaimee Katz Sussner is quoted on the proliferation of mortgage fraud in New Jersey, and authorities; and attorneys' attempts to curb it.
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Devious Deeds: Mortgage Fraud on Rise, With Losses Doubled in 2005
April 1, 2007 -- Commercial Property News
Jaimee Katz Sussner is quoted in a story that noted the dramatic rise in mortgage fraud from year to year.