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Herrick Litigation Partner Ronald J. Levine Named a Client Service All-Star by BTI Consulting
February 11, 2015
New York, February 11, 2015 - Herrick, Feinstein LLP is pleased to announce that corporate counsel have named litigation partner Ronald J. Levine to BTI Consulting's 2015 Client Service All-Star list, an independent and unbiased list which recognizes attorneys who provide the absolute best client service to large corporations.
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Ronald J. Levine on Food and Beverage Litigation (Video)
July 2014 -- Herrick, Feinstein LLP
In this video interview, Herrick partner Ron Levine discusses how thinking like a plaintiff's lawyer can help food and beverage companies recognize the early warning signs of litigation. In doing so, Ron offers several commandments to live by during a crisis, and a roadmap for managing the "five stages of corporate grief," which naturally occur after litigation commences.
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POM Wonderful Scores ‘Resounding Victory’ at Supreme Court
June 12, 2014 -- FoodNavigator-USA
Ron Levine is quoted in a FoodNavigator report on the Supreme Court’s ruling in Pom Wonderful v. Coca-Cola Co. which rejected Coca-Cola’s arguments that federal labeling regulations trump a Lanham Act claim over false advertising, clearing the way for POM’s lawsuit alleging that Coca-Cola misled consumers with its Minute Maid pomegranate blueberry juice labels.
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Is Food the Next Frontier For Mandatory Arbitration?
May 19, 2014 -- Bloomberg BNA Product Safety & Liability Reporter
Ron Levine was quoted in the Bloomberg BNA Product Safety & Liability Reporter article "Is Food the Next Frontier For Mandatory Arbitration?" In the article, which analyzes the viability of mandatory arbitration in the food and beverage industry, Ron commented that companies should look at the pros and cons of various types of dispute resolution, including arbitration. But, he said, "Those methods will only proceed, and succeed, if the companies can make the case that the alternatives provide real relief to consumers with legitimate claims, and the methods are not being set up to shield the companies from any and all liability, legitimate or not."
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Kashi Agrees to $5 Million Settlement; Will Remove ‘Natural' From Food Labels
May 9, 2014 -- Bloomberg BNA Class Action Litigation Report
Ron Levine was quoted in the Bloomberg BNA Class Action Litigation Report article "Kashi Agrees to $5 Million Settlement; Will Remove 'Natural' From Food Labels." In the article, which details a proposed settlement to a federal lawsuit regarding the company's use of the words "all natural" and "nothing artificial" on certain foods, Ron opines that "eventually, the majority of these actions are either dismissed or settled." Ron also added that "new products are hitting the market at a faster pace than the Food and Drug Administration can pass on certain wording," while expressing concern that "whatever words are used to replace 'natural' will prompt another onslaught of claims."
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So if I 'like' you, I can't sue you?
April 25, 2014 -- FoodNavigator-USA
Ron Levine was interviewed by FoodNavigator-USA regarding General Mills’ change to its online legal terms, and subsequent reversal of such terms. In the article, Ron discusses a wide range of topics raised by General Mills’ actions, including the merits and drawbacks of class actions and arbitration as dispute resolution methods in the food and beverage industry, and the inherent challenges in communicating corporate legal policies with consumers.
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Food Companies Confront Spike in Consumer Fraud Lawsuits
June 13, 2013 -- Reuters
Ron Levine comments on litigation trends affecting the food and beverage industry were covered in the Reuters Legal article, “Food Companies Confront Spike in Consumer Fraud Lawsuits.” In the article, Mr. Levine noted that the recent wave of litigation against the food and beverage industry has created a fear among industry leaders that they are being targeted by plaintiffs’ lawyers in the same way tobacco companies were in previous decades.
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Landlords ask court to throw out Sandy class action
March 27, 2013 -- The Real Deal
Mara Levin is representing landlords in a class action suit in which the plaintiffs are seeking rent refunds for the period in which Hurricane Sandy left their units "uninhabitable."
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Tentative OK Given to $8 Million Settlement of Suit Over Prepaid Calling Cards
July 15, 2010 -- New Jersey Law Journal
John Goldman's representation of a defendant in a class action suit that settled is noted here.
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Point, Click, Sue
August 14, 2008 -- CNBC's Squawk On The Street
Susan Dwyer debates, on live network television, a plaintiffs' attorney on the merits of websites that match prospective plaintiffs with trial lawyers.
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Tobacco Litigation & Tort Reform
January 11, 2008 -- CNBC
In this live network appearance, Susan Dwyer analyzes and debates tort reform as it relates to tobacco litigation.
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Vioxx Pact Vindicates Merck Legal Strategy
November 9, 2007 -- Reuters
Susan Dwyer is quoted on how Merck's nearly-$5 million settlement of all Vioxx-related claims vindicated the company's strategy of trying all litigation. Early litigation successes convinced plaintiffs' attorneys to accept the amount, which was far less than the company's aggregate exposure.
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Lead Paint Litigation Is Beginning to Fade
August 21, 2007 -- National Law Journal
This story examines lead paint litigation in which Herrick represented Sherwin Williams. The story arrives at the conclusion that lead paint claims were losing steam in the courts.
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Lifting the Lid: Investors Press Claims in Lengthy JDSU Case
June 28, 2007 -- Reuters
Arthur Jakoby is quoted on class action defense matters.
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Class Action Lawyers Pounce on Subprime Crisis
March 14, 2007 -- Reuters
Scott Tross is quoted in this story about potential class action litigation against lenders and possibly their auditors and bankers, and possible defenses against investors' claims arising from the subprime meltdown.