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inbound investment/international
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Herrick helps non-U.S. companies succeed in their investments and business activities in the United States. We help U.S. companies operating abroad through our affiliation with TAGLaw, a network of more than 75 premier law firms throughout the world including most commercial capitals and money centers. We are not a "global" law firm, but we can help you here in the U.S. no matter where you’re from. And if you’re from here but doing business abroad, we can help you with the U.S. law aspects of your endeavors and help you get the local counsel you’ll need across the border.

The most important value we offer our friends and clients from abroad is in connecting them with our friends and clients in our U.S. and international networks. We don’t just advise you on your business matters, we help you generate them. Thinking of doing business here, and need a hand on the ground to get you started? That’s us.