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FATCA: Where Things Stand in December 2013
December 2013
Louis Tuchman, Sung Hyun Hwang
Tax and Personal Planning Alert
Primer: Artwork and Sales Tax in New York
Spring/Summer 2010
Michael H. Kessel
Art & Advocacy
Michael Kessel co-authored, with Eli Akhavan, the article "Primer: Artwork and Sales Tax in New York" in Herrick's art law newsletter.
Ask The Tax Guys
Michael H. Kessel
Micro-Cap Review
Mike Kessel does a question-and-answer for Micro-Cap Review on employee stock option plans (ESOP) and the discusses the tax benefits for establishing one as a business owner.
Tax Exempt Entities Committee Report on Private Foundation Investors in Ponzi Schemes
May 7, 2009
K. Eli Akhavan
New York State Bar Association Tax Section
Eli Akhavan contributed to Report #1183, a memorandum prepared by the Tax Section of the New York State Bar Association.
Mutual Fund Shares Distributions: the Changing Rules of the Game
February 2005
Patrick D. Sweeney
The Journal of Taxation and Regulation
Pat Sweeney authors this article on mutual fund shares distributions.
Taxpayers of America, Unite!  You Have Everything to Lose - A Constitutional Analysis of Retroactive Taxation
Brian E. Raftery
Seton Hall University Constitutional Law Journal (6 Seton Hall Const. L.J. 803)
Brian Raftery provides a constitutional analysis of retroactive taxation.