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records retention
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Herrick can help you meet your corporate compliance and governance responsibilities with solid document management strategies. We understand the panoply of legal issues you face in devising a records retention program that mitigates risk and minimizes exposure. In fact, we lecture and teach classes on it to corporate compliance personnel regularly.

You'll have the advantage of a business compliance team that includes a former Federal judge, a former Congresswoman, several former federal prosecutors, former in-house counsel, as well as attorneys with actual "in trenches" business acumen. We frequently represent Fortune 1000 and privately held companies, as well as institutions in the financial, securities, health, insurance, and manufacturing sectors, among others.

You can rely on Herrick to:

  • Train your Custodian of Records/Records Management Coordinator
  • Help you implement an internal distribution system of policies and schedules
  • Review and advise on litigation, audit, and business "hold notices"
  • Help prepare and implement employee training programs for employees in communications protocols relating to email transmission and phone communications; as well as company-wide record retention policies and procedures
  • Facilitate the selection of a third-party vendor that will manage an enforceable records retention program
  • Help develop programs for retaining and storing electronic data to meet compliance parameters required by the courts and agencies
  • Interact with potential adversaries, litigants, and agencies relating to the purpose, scope or mechanics of the company's document retention policies and schedules
  • Assist in the on-going review and maintenance of your record retention policies and schedules
  • Provide recommendations and assistance in drafting procedures to monitor compliance by administrative staff and employees with policies and schedules