Dry sensitivity training programs filled with predictable lecturing and canned examples can make employees tune out or fall asleep. Our programs buck the trend. They’re interactive and engaging, and we’re able to bring perspective to a very serious subject. Businesses of all types, from large multinationals to small non-profits, have used our programs to stop harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace.

Our programs consistently net high levels of participation, and employees are given a safe environment to ask questions, so they’ll leave with a clear understanding of the types of illegal behavior that you want to eradicate from your working environment. Employees learn the differences between behavior that can be illegal, situations that may not be to their liking but don’t rise to the level of being illegal, and what's a normal day-to-day work interaction. We also give employees the tools they need to head off issues whenever possible, and to directly address bad behavior if it's appropriate and they choose to do so.

To give them clarity moving forward, they're given a set of best practices and real world situations, taken from our representation of public and private companies of all types and sizes. We also conduct separate training for managers, and work closely with human resources professionals on changes in federal, state and city laws, and government regulations that will impact your policies.

Our sensitivity training programs are conducted by the co-chairs of our employment group, who have decades of experience in employment litigation and risk management, and have trained tens of thousands of employees. Each program is tailored to your unique culture and circumstances, in order to effectively address your concerns and deliver a message and accompanying guidelines that will resonate with your employees.

Internal Investigations

In addition to training employees and implementing polices, we have a wealth of experience assisting companies in workplace investigations concerning employee conduct and complaints of harassment, discrimination or retaliation. We are efficient, confident in our findings, definitive in our conclusions and have vast experience working in any type of environment, and in any type of investigative role, from providing guidance and advice to leading the investigation and providing a final report.