Inside the Private Museums of Billionaire Art Collectors

January 16, 2017 – Media Mention
Town & Country

Jason Kleinman was quoted in Town & Country in an article that looked into billionaire art collector’s private museum collections. Private museums aren’t viewable by the public, which can be frustrating for art lovers. Kleinman explained why someone would prefer to host their collection in a private museum, rather than donating to a public museum, saying: "if he gives a painting to the Museum of Modern Art, he'll never have control over it again. He'll never be able to say what type of lightbulb to shine on it. Or when it should it be pulled up from the basement and displayed. Also, let's say he wants to give 100 pieces. Very hard to find a museum that says, 'I'll take all 100.' Museums have limited space, so they'll be picky."