In Memoriam: Hon. Milton Mollen (1920-2017)

We mourn the death of our beloved colleague, the Hon. Milton Mollen, father of our partner Scott Mollen. Justice Mollen lived a remarkably vibrant life, and had an immeasurable impact on his family, friends, colleagues and New York City.

During WWII, he survived the crash of his Army Air Corps bomber and later escaped from a German prison camp. After returning home he continued his selfless dedication to public service.

Milton spearheaded the Mitchell-Lama housing program in the Wagner administration; as Deputy Mayor in the Dinkins administration, he led the effort to enact the Safe Streets, Safe City legislation which helped to reduce crime; as Chair of the Mollen Commission, Milton exposed significant police corruption; and as the founder of JAMS’ New York office, Milton helped thousands solve disputes through mediation and arbitration.

Milton’s 24-year tenure as a judge, including 12 as Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division, Second Department, was universally applauded by the Bench and the Bar.

Milton lived a beautiful life with purpose, integrity and compassion for people in need, and every lawyer at our firm was made better by his wisdom. Our entire Herrick family will miss Milton’s handsome, cheerful face and his most distinguished presence among us.