Redress in Comparable Cases: Other Holocaust-Related Assets

November 19, 2008
The Institute of Art and Law in association with Ben Uri GalleryLondon, England

Charles Goldstein participated in a seminar entitled "Redress in Comparable Cases: Other Holocaust-Related Assets" which is a part of the six-part program "Holocaust Reparation: Law, Policy and Principle."

This six-part course looked at the solutions that are being developed by nations, communities, corporations and individuals in response to the demand for justice for Holocaust victims and their families. This course focused on the cultural assets looted from 1933 to 1945 and critically examine remedies in other areas such as bank accounts, liquid currency, insurance policies, other categories of asset. Other topics discussed: the destination of 'ownerless' assets, the impact and limits of law in solving controversies, the social and ethical role of museums, the regulation of armed conflict and the role of cultural diplomacy in achieving results.