Creating Sports-Oriented Districts – Real Estate and Sports Event

September 25, 2015
Richard Browne, Managing Partner, Sterling Equities; Jim Lester, SVP of Commercial and Residential Development, Forest City Ratner Companies; Bill Johnson, Designing Principal, Hok Sports + Recreation + Entertainment (Moderator); Brad Mayne, President & CEO of MetLife Stadium
Herrick, Feinstein LLP

2 Park Avenue

New York, NY

The New York metropolitan region is home to the greatest concentration of professional sports teams in the country with 14 teams, half of them in New York City. Major League Sports centers are typically seen as activity and economic generators for a new generation of “Sports-Oriented Districts.”

Herrick and the Urban Land Institute of New York (ULI) presented a panel discussion about these districts’ successes and long-term viability dependent on getting the precise mix of uses, critical mass and the right relationships to the community. Panelists gave insight to the challenges and opportunities these districts present for the teams, the city and the development community.