Business Transformation Beyond 2010

October 29, 2009
Herrick, Feinstein LLP, KBL, LLP and LEVYCHIN, LLC2 Park Avenue, New York, New York

Herrick, Feinstein LLP - 2 Park Avenue, New York, NY

The Art of the Deal - Growing a company using mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances, and joint ventures

Working with an interactive business model, our panel of experts addressed a variety of issues including the "how to" of structuring a merger or acquisition, including financing the deal using debt or equity; structuring a joint venture relationship; going public; and maintaining MWBE status while attracting private equity or going public.

           The Art of the Deal Panelists:
           Richard Levychin, CEO/Managing Partner, KBL, LLP Certified Public Accountants
           Richard Morris, Partner, Herrick, Feinstein LLP
           Michael Pollack, Partner, KBL, LLP Certified Public Accountants

The Transformational Entity - How existing business models are based around 'value chains' and are being replaced by collaborative business models
           Transformational Entity (TE) is a dynamic business model that is designed to leverage the continually fluctuating cycle of 
           events and business drivers that impact a company's stability, sustainability, and relevance. Principals, executive 
           management, investors, and stakeholders discovered and gained valuable insight into how the TE business model creates a 
           lean and highly efficient organization with increased and sustainable market share, transparency, and profitability.

           The Transformational Entity Panelists:
           Darrell James, CEO/Managing Principal, LEVYCHIN, LLC
           Larry Sharpe, Director, Neo-Sage, Inc
           Randell Stern, Founding Principal, Boone Opportunity Lenders, LLC

LEVYCHIN's Public Launch Event
Bank of America Tower - 1 Bryant Park, New York, NY

Following Business Transformation Beyond 2010, LEVYCHIN, LLC, a subsidiary of KBL, LLP, announced the public launch of their new management accounting, consulting, and advisory firm. LEVYCHIN, LLC is dedicated to new collaborative methods of business transformation, leadership, and technology for emerging and middle market companies, focusing on management accounting, outsourcing, and business performance management.